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Inspiration can come from anywhere, a smile from a stranger, a sunset, or music, but the most powerful inspiration has always come from stories.

Everyone has a story to tell, some are interesting, whilst others are earth-shattering.

It is said that when the pupil is ready, the teacher arrives, yes there are times in everyone's life when they “experience” a major shift. This book is rooted in such a shift.

The death of my treasured and adored wife was an experience which left me nigh on crippled. It took me more than a year before I could gather myself together sufficiently to start work again. My first project was to write of this overwhelmingly special relationship and as I began to write, so new ideas presented itself and what was meant to be a very personal book evolved into a very different type of read. I called on women generally to contribute their life stories and I was inundated with the most moving stories I have ever read. With great enthusiasm I structured the stories into and around my own personal experiences. What has emerged is a tonic to feed the hearts and souls of women (and men) everywhere. I was so humbled, shocked yet inspired by the wonder of these women and their life stories that I felt a powerful need to share them with the world. I am confident you too will be inspired by their tales of triumph over the most horrendous adversities.

There is something for every women in this book. Whether you enjoy a good cry, surprising shock or joy and elation over a well told story, you are in for the treat of your life with this work of love.

If you have heard some heartrending stories before, as have I, then be prepared to have your socks knocked off with what you will experience here. I was not really prepared for some of these shockers, and although I pride myself on being a relatively macho guy, many of these accounts left me in tears and absolute awe.

It is not for frivolous reasons I have labelled women as God’s upgrade on men, the eighth wonder of the world. It is with experience and observation that my respect for women has been elevated to its highest possible degree.

I nominate women as the true leaders of the world!
So tell us what is in the book...?
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I can tell you that this is not an ordinary book.

My first editor baled out because she found it too harrowing.

Does this mean that the book is too sad to read?

Not at all, it is an INSPIRATIONAL book written to uplift your spirit and egg you on to a
new energy of determination that if these women could do it and are doing it, then so can

Of course it involves sad stories, but these end well. It includes stories so shocking so as
have you gasping as to it’s reality. But these end well too.

The chapter on Miracle Butterflies is profound, as we live through the horrors of bad, ugly
wormlike experiences, then drop into a cocoon of dark depression, to emerge in brilliant
colour and splendour of the beautiful butterfly and rejoice in the triumph!

Read the comments in the Reviews page on the left and see what others have to say!
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Miracle Women has just been launched!

Already the book is selling so fast we need to get another delivery from the printers.

We have sent books to New Zealand, to London, to the Carribean, to Cape Town, to Jhb, to Pmb and Durban. The orders are coming fast and furious so make sure you do not miss the opportunity to be thrilled by all the most stunning stories of Triumphant women, here in your home country!


We have decided to offer women’s organisations and charities an opportunity to generate funds via their efforts in marketing this book.

Enquire by sending an email to  


When I called for stories from women I was

stunned by the story from Dr Liesl Roome.

There is no doubt in my mind that if she decided to write a book of her own, it would be a runaway best seller. Be assured, Dr Roome is no ordinary doctor nor is she an ordinary women, her story of self-sacrifice for a little AIDS orphan will astound you. (Read part of her story here)



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